Cuneiform tablet on display at the British MuseumAs Associate Provost for Innovation and Student Success (Assistant Vice President) at Queens College I work to support innovation in teaching, experiential education, and student success. The programs and projects I oversee include the following:


My PhD is in Linguistics, from the CUNY Graduate Center. My research is on cross-linguistic aspects of sentence processing, with a focus on syntactic ambiguity and the contribution of prosody to syntactic disambiguation.  Another focus is the impact of the second language on the first language of bilinguals.  I have also done some work on technology in higher education and am interested in measures of student success.

I am faculty in the department of Linguistics & Communication Disorders, where I have taught courses on psycholinguistics, bilingualism, and second language acquisition. I am also affiliated with three programs at the CUNY Graduate Center, where I advise Masters and PhD students:


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